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November 10, 2012
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HPM App: Momo by killjoykitty HPM App: Momo by killjoykitty
he's in! :iconasdfghplz: all my happysss

:bulletblue: Name: Mortimer Arlen (goes by Momo)

:bulletred: Age: 25

:bulletblue: Gender: Male

:bulletred: Pokemon: Milotic

:bulletblue: Height: 5'8 (short for a milotic...)

:bulletred: Bodystyle: Feminine/Athletic (despite frail appearance)

:bulletblue: Birthday: February 22

:bulletred: Home Island: Amusment Archipelago

:bulletblue: Personality:
Momo sadly still has the mentality of a feebas, one who is easily ignored and not worth much time. Because of this he is incredibly timid, low in self confidence and he doesn't understand why people would want to waste time with him. He speaks softly, almost in a whisper at most times, afraid to interrupt or say anything wrong...Another issue is he remains modest of his abilities as a milotic, so hasn't really realized his potential... and though he's aware that he's very feminine and is often mistaken as a woman, he's not entirely sure what to make of it, and will only correct others when they ask.
Despite his current problems, he's a very curious individual that loves seeing anything interesting and funny. He has his stubborn moments and sensitive to the feelings of others, and depending on the tale, he can be hopelessly gullible. He's seen some weird and crazy stuff in his own travels...who is he to doubt their word? Even when fooled it won't bother him too much... he only gets mad when he's pushed to his limits or you genuinely offend him and betray whatever trust he had. Maybe there will be a day when he's more open and outgoing... he doesn't want to be afraid, and is trying to improve. After all he came to these isles to get better.
He can be a very caring and sweet friend if you can keep him from running away gain his trust and get him to open up.

:bulletred: History: Momo grew up in the sea side city of Lilycove. For majority of his life he lived as most feebas do...unnoticed and shunned by others. He grew up in a family of beautiful people, a Dragonair father, a Miloric mother, and 3 sisters, 2 like him and one a dratini. His sisters worked hard and evolved into melotics very early and strived to become contest stars, or like their mother movie stars, but Momo was content to hide in the shadows, observing others and quietly going along his marry way. He would often go swimming, and became very good at it, but where he lived contests were everything. He was teased by not only his sisters but other kids as well. His parents grew concerned as he gradually became more withdrawn and eventually sent him to travel with his uncle, in hopes he would gain more courage as he explored various places of the world.

While on these adventures he saw and encountered many wild pokemon and eventually started to open up around his uncle. One he was particularly fond of was the Numel... It was a hard worker that was oblivious to pain and lived simple lives. Momo always preferred the company pokeanimals over people, there was no need for harsh judgments with them.

Continuing on their travels with his uncle, he was surely opening up to those around him, and all was going well until the boy was brought to the seaside town of Undella. Being surrounded by the ocean again made him very happy. He ran along the beaches and swam for hours, and ended the day walking the beach looking for shells... until he found one particularly beautiful one. Picking it up to show his uncle he suddenly became mesmerized by the seemed to change constantly never staying at just one...when something clicked inside him, it was a bit painful at first but the end result was Momo evolved and the Prism Scale vanished.
Scared and confused by this sudden change he asked his uncle to take him home, where he was welcomed with open arms... kinda. See, now that he had evolved everyone in his family and their friends urged him to participate in contests, dressed him in clothes that were very flashy, and showered him with attention.

He was alright with it for a little while...for a couple years he entered and even did relatively well in the shows. He brought home ribbons sometimes and his family showered him in praise. He felt maybe he could do this after all... but unfortunately a couple mishaps in the contest hall and his timidness began to return. When he started to loose all the time and his fans turned against him he broke down...from then on he began having anxiety attacks, and started avoiding people almost completely, more from fear now rather than shyness. Momo missed the days where he could simply blend into the background again and that people would just stop STARING...

His parents and uncle were starting to worry about his mental health, so consulting a professional they suggested he move somewhere quiet, peaceful and do something he enjoys rather than conform to the social pressures and burdens of his current home. His uncle recommended a small chain of isles that where very peaceful and full of nature, something Momo did enjoy. Perhaps he could give raising numels and other pokeanimals a try... Agreeing to this Momo moved to the isles as fast as he could. He was surprised to see it was becoming quite populated but it was quiet and spacious enough that he doubted he would need to interact very much with others... He hopes.

:bulletblue: Job: Rancher

:bulletred: Ranch Name: Goldenscale Ranch

:bulletblue: Dog/Cat Race: Houndour

:bulletred: Dog/Cat’s name: Dusk - Dusk is a rather serious female houndour that Momo encountered after arriving on his little ranch, as the dog had made her home there. At first the Milotic was terrified and avoided her best he could and the houndour ignored the timid man, but after an insident with a wild Mighteyna that left Dusk wounded and scared, he cared for her and they eventually they grew closer. Dusk will now fight tooth and craw for Momo, though she can usually tell when he's actually in danger or just crying cause he's a sissy or scared...which is often. If necessary the houndour will drag him into social situations, cause Momo tends to hole himself up on his ranch.

:bulletblue: Momo's Talents:
- He can breath, and in fact speak underwater
- He's a very swift and strong swimmer
- He's a pretty good cook
- all that travel has taught him a few nifty things, such as catching his own meals
- he has something of a calming aura around him, able to quell negative emotions, making working with pokeanimals easier, even the most skittish or aggressive ones. (it's unknown if he has this same effect on people as he never sticks around long enough for this theory to be tested. it most likely only works on pokeanimals....)

:bulletred: Funfacts Useless Bits of Information :dummy::
- his ears and tail are functioning appendages, not just there to make him look pretty. Ears can work like extra hands while the tail is..well a tail. He has hole like gills on the side of his neck.
- his antennae are very sensitive, so much so that he can sometimes tell when people are upset or feeling other negative emotions even when they're not showing it, and very very rarely can he sense positive ones...but as he does not know any psychic moves this is only occasionally and he doesn't know why they feel that way. Grab them or pull them roughly and he will very likely start crying in pain. (while he likes kids he doesn't like to let them near his head cause of this)
- how such appendages react can usually tell how he feels, he's really easy to read.
- his house is set right up next to the southern lake on Amusement. He loves to go swimming there.
- he doesn't really like his long hair but his siblings threatened his life if they were to ever see that he cut it. It is his family's tradition to have long hair , plus he kinda believes they will, or at least maim him... So he just keeps it in a messy braid and lets it down when he sleeps.
- his clothes are very modest for a milotic, as most usually involve over the top decorations, the latest fashions, and perhaps just glitter and feathers. He doesn't really have any other options but to wear his coat and the rest of this assemble...cause his family all got together and burned his old clothes.
- he actually has a number of contest ribbons stashed away, but doesn't really like to look at them or display them... bad memories and all.
- while it seems like he would be a vegetarian, hating the idea of meat he's actually likes it. He doesn't mind eating fish or other meat...he learned cant be picky when on the road all the time after all. His favorite food though are sweets of any kind.
- surprisingly, despite how timid and easily scared he is, he's not really squeamish. Blood and such doesn't really scare him as just make him really worried (unless it's himself in which case he'll just ignore it), though he really doesn't like ghosts or other things that can emit strong negative energies... or just the horror genre, that REALLY scares him.

:bulletblue:Ability: Marvel Scale (if possible more likely to be cute charm though XD )

:bulletred:Move Set:
-Surf- he can summon, control and ride a large wave, or effect the current of water making it easier to swim long distances. Also used in contests.
-Ice Beam- in combination with surf this move was often used in contests.
-Twister- unconvintional for a beauty contest participant but he uses it to shatter the ice in his routine and fly though the air of a billion ice shards
-Safeguard- a defensive move that creates a force field to protect himself, but also can be used in contests

:bulletyellow: Relationship Info: :bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen: Status: Single

:bulletgreen: Orientation: Unknown.

I wish whoever plans on pursuing him all the luck. Because he thinks he's not worth much time, he's scared of people, he has no concept of people liking him romantically. He doesn't have a type and has no experience at all. It's even unknown if he likes girls or boys. If you were to just make friends with him he could be the sweetest companion you could find. Romantically? He probably wont even realize his own feelings. He might become shy and nervous around you again, but for different reasons... ones even he doesn't understand. And for one thing he's more likely to stick around than run away, even in situations that make him nervous.

:bulletred: Favorite<3 Gifts: Sentimental items, a Shiny Numel

:bulletwhite: Loves: Pokeanimals, numels, shiny pokemon, curious or interesting things (such as objects), things or people that can make him laugh, Seashells, Dusk, his uncle, swimming, music, mysterious or mystical objects, sweets

:bulletpink: Likes: His family, books, interesting or eye catching trinkets, quiet and calm environments, pretty or cool sights(such as an amazing sunset or just the autumn leaves falling...simple things), a gentle rain or sunny days

:bulletpurple:Dislikes: Crowds, people, being forced into being social, noise, contests, new clothes, gaudy jewlery, big storms, lots of money spent on him(he doesn't think he deserves it), seeing other injured

:bulletblack:Hates: Scary things, people staring, anxiety attacks, flashy clothes, mean people, animals(and on the rare occasion, people) he cares about getting hurt or sad, finding hurt or sad wild pokemon (if he were able momo would take in ALL THE STRAYS)

THERE HE IS, i wuv him :iconloveloveplz:
my second hopeful for :iconharvest-pokemoon: <3
amg the muse has been bugging me for a while now... funny cause the majority of the time will be full of awkward and just...running away and hiding. many of yall know him cause i've been showing off his app like crazy (i think he's cute~<3) and been workin on him a while... yeah. sorry if i was kinda annoying bout it ;w;
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TheArmyArtist Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dawww, he's such a cutie. I hope I get in so that we can rp!
Shikuroshi Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!!! Does like! I would love to RP with him sometime! c:
Besides, my Myun needs more friends. c:
killjoykitty Nov 28, 2012  Student Artist
thank you >w< so glad you like~ sure owo
i'm in the chats often so feel free to hit me up there, or if that's not your thing shoot me a note~ though im a bit slower that way >w<
yay friends :dummy:
Shikuroshi Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay! I'm rare in the chats because I'm shy there. :C
Maybe we can note and if I'm ever in the chats and I see you we can continue it in there? C:
Heck maybe you'll pull me out of my shell and I'll chat in there more often x3
killjoykitty Nov 29, 2012  Student Artist
sounds good! just shoot me a note whenever~ >w< hope to see ya sometime in the chats~ people are pretty friendly there, and maybe ya can find even more people to rp with :dummy:
Shikuroshi Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great! C: I look forward to it
YES <3 I love this little guy.
I will be honest, I thought he was a girl at first but then my brain was like no it must be a guy, irony must be there. Looked at the bio and I was like cha-ching xD
Another shy rancher? -tosses Rossa at him and muses- I want to rp with chu so much to see them fidget nervously >.<
killjoykitty Nov 28, 2012  Student Artist
yay~ i'm glad ya like~~ <3
also SUCCESS :iconsuccesskid2plz: that makes 4 that have admitted it.
pfft yes, we should rp~ though in momo's case unless ya catch him in the right moment he'll make a quick getaway, but otherwise all the mumbles and fidgets >w>;;;
He is just so gorgeous amazing <3
Sounds like you have a goal to get everyone to think him a girl at first xD
What method do you prefer to rp in? -hides from chats-
killjoykitty Nov 28, 2012  Student Artist
actually that was the original goal, :dummy:
cause just imagine the shenanigans and misunderstandings~ :la:
i usually rp in the chats cause im in them most of the time but if ya want we can try notes~ though i still rp script style, hope ya don't mind~ *not a good writer nope* =w=
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